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About the Artist

Dakoro emerged in 2012 as he was awarded Raw Indie Visual Artist Of The Year for Atlanta, including a nomination as a National Semi-Finalist with Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, while balancing various styles of works being featured on television, Netflix, private galas and commissions.  Dakoros philanthropy through art has  accumulated high regards from over 40 non-profit organizations that he has donated original works to for fundraising efforts. Mr. Edwards has led youth art sessions both privately and publicly, working with school systems from Georgia to New York, along with painting a Live Art Mural at the Leadercast 2017 Conference in the Gwinnett Infinite Energy Arena.  

 In 2016, Dakoro introduced his public art studio and gallery in the prestigious Sandy Springs City Walk on July 28th. This creative venue serves to view Dakoros newest collections, as well as connecting with spectacular emerging artists from across the globe. Visit today!

Dakoro Art Gallery

227 Sandy Springs Place (Suite 522) Atlanta GA 30328  

"The aspects I enjoy most about being an artist is the versatility when merging into different industries, being influential, assisting kids in developing their ideas, and being a vessel to capture the signs of the times from my perspective"! Dakoro






" I strive to evolve as a Visual Journalist through authentic depictions of the world in which we reside, with Art!"  -Dakoro